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“4 Doors of Cascadia”

For our first foray into comics we wanted to create something that would introduce kids and parents to the different Guilds of Trackers and the activities kids experience in those guilds when they sign up for classes, camps or apprenticeships. But we didn’t want to do a boring ad. We wanted it to be a story that kids would find compelling. So how do you do that--convey the necessary info within a cool story? We came up with the idea of riffing off Alice in Wonderland. Just like Alice encounters different doors when she falls down the rabbit hole, so does our Annie. But our doors lead to the different worlds of Trackers. Does it work? Let us know what you think. When my 11-year-old daughter read it, her one suggestion: “It’s not long enough, Mom. I want to read more.” Me too!

--Michelle McCann

The World

This comic pays homage to Alice in Wonderland. Annie and Robin live in our world, but when they fall down the rabbit hole, they travel through the four universes of Cascadia. These Realms are the different worlds kids at Trackers immerse themselves in when they come to camps and classes. Annie chooses doors leading to the worlds of each of the four Trackers Guilds. Rangers live in the wild, where they scout, hunt and protect the Village. Wilders tend to gardens of the wilderness, where they care for the land. Mariners travel the epic seas. And artisans are the story-keepers of myth and mystery.

The Characters

Annie and Robin are siblings. Annie is the more responsible, practical one. And while she might not choose to leave her world for another world, she doesn’t shy away from the adventure. She is brave and strong and kind. Robin is a doer. Sometimes he acts before he thinks, but his first instinct is to find the adventure.

Comic Creators


Amelia Davis

Amelia Davis is an avid archer, hiker, biker, and camper who loves making comics and games (both board games and video games), in her spare time! Amelia has written and drawn comics since before she knew what comics were, and all of them were about the crazy adventures she went on in her imagination. Currently Amelia is working on a number of different comics that are soon to be published, but she can’t say much more than that. You can find out more about Amelia at and on her facebook page. Lettering by Woody Arnold.


Michelle McCann

Michelle is a Trackers parent who has been writing and editing children’s books for more than 20 years. She’s had a passion for comics since her own childhood addiction and still has her original collection (all in plastic sleeves, of course), which she graciously shares with her children. When they’re being nice.


Tony Deis

Tony is one of the founders of Trackers Earth. When he was young he eschewed high school and headed to the wilderness. There he found stories of the more-than-human-world that inspired him to bring people back to the wild.